Rental & Tourism

More and more, tourists like to see the highlights of a city in fun, sustainable and active way. The Qugo Runner meets all the demands to play a role in this segment of touristic rental vehicles.

Because of the stand-upstraight position, you have an exceptional overview over traffic and the environment. The rider moves without effort in a safe, comfortable and dynamic way through a city or through nature. Riding a Qugo is an experience you will not forget, due to the unique way of cornering and maneuvering. Anybody, young and old, can learn how to ride a Qugo. This makes a Qugo very suitable for (touristic) rental purposes in groups. A removable battery makes the Qugo able to remain operational on a contiuous basis, all-day long. A spare battery can be charged outside the vehicle in the meantime.


Would you like to organize Qugo-tours yourself?

Are you interested in organizing touristic tours yourself? You might consider applying the Qugo Runner, which is developed for this purpose especially. Because of its attractive price range and the low maintenance, it is a very good alternative to existing products on the market. Operating a Qugo Runner fleet makes a very interesting business model become reality. The Qugo Runner is a true eye-catcher with vast opportunities for tailor-made designs and can become an ideal promotion-tool in itself!


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