Qugo Runner [NEW]

Qugo Runner

The new generation Qugo, especially designed for professional applications to enhance workers’ efficiency on large production sites, warehouses, etc. With its modern, robust design, Qugo is a head-turner. The large frame side flanges allow for personalisation, whether by choosing colour or by applying personalised adhesives.

The Runner is stable and safe and requires a limited amount of practice to master its unique riding characteristics. But then the fun starts!

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The Qugo is equipped with a compact hub motor in the front wheel. The efficient electric motor is powered by a removable, state of the art 48V lithium battery pack, which is integrated in the aluminium frame. Three disk brakes always assure enough stopping power. The backlit digital dashboard displays speed, odometer and a battery indicator.


Maximum speed:                                   25 km/h  /  16 mph

Range:                                                      25-60 km  /  37 miles *

Battery charge, full cycle:                     4-5 hrs

Maximum Climbing capacity:             10-12% **

Power:                                                      0,6 kW (nominal)

Batterycapacity:                                     15 – 25 Ah

Dimensions and mass (Road)

Weight, excl. battery:                  35 kg  /  77 lbs

Max. loading capacity:               120 kg  /  265 lbs

Dimensions (lxwxh):       113 x 62 x 129/(85)*** cm  /  44 x 24 x 51 /(33)*** inch

Wheelbase:                                   69,2 cm  /  27″

Tyre size front:                             2.75_17 M/C

Tyre size rear:                               3.00-4


* Depending on battery size and top speed. Ranges are specified based on a 75 kg driver, 20°C ambient temperature, flat road, moderate driving style

** based on a 75 kg driver, 20°C ambient temperature, paved road, moderate driving style

*** handle bar folded



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