Qugo Road

Qugo Road

Do you intend to use your Qugo on the public road? Then go for the Qugo Road! This version is available in four colors: black, blue, orange or silver grey. The Qugo Road is fitted with a powerful headlight and a combined rear/brake light and is therefore perfectly visible at night.

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The Qugo is equipped with a compact hub motor in the front wheel. The efficient electric motor is powered by a state of the art 48V lithium battery pack, which is integrated in the aluminium frame. Three disk brakes always assure enough stopping power. The backlit digital dashboard displays speed, odometer and a battery indicator. With the controls and switches on the handle bar, the rider controls its speed, the lights and the horn. The Qugo is equipped with a very powerful 55W halogene dipped beam and front/read LED position lights and brake light.

Performance (Road):

Maximum speed:                                   25 km/h  /  16 mph

Range:                                                      25 km  /  16 miles *

Battery charge, full cycle:                     2-3 hrs

Maximum Climbing capacity:             10-12% **

Power:                                                      0,6 kW (nominal)

Batterycapacity:                                     480 Wh

Dimensions and mass (Road)

Weight, operational:                  34 kg  /  75 lbs

Max. loading capacity:               120 kg  /  265 lbs

Dimensions (lxwxh):       115 x 58 x 135/(78)*** cm  /  45x23x53/(31***) inch

Wheelbase:                                   67,4 cm  /  26,5″

Tyre size front:                             24 x 2.35

Tyre size rear:                               3.00-4


* based on a 75 kg driver, 20°C ambient temperature, flat road, moderate driving style

** based on a 75 kg driver, 20°C ambient temperature, paved road, moderate driving style

*** handle bar folded



To create an exciting yet easy and comfortable drive, the Qugo is equipped with a tilting mechanism which allows the rider to lean inside corners (much like a bike rider does). Riding a Qugo is comparable to skiing on the road and it requires only a little bit of skill. From the careful to the brave, everybody can ride a Qugo in a stable and, if the rider wants, exciting way. It is the rider who is in charge, not the vehicle!

Lithium powerpack


The Qugo is equipped with a 48V high-tech Lithium powerpack. Fully charged, the Qugo has a range of 25km at a top speed of 25km/h. Charging the battery is simple, just plug the adaptor (included) into a standard wall-socket.

Patented construction

The tilting mechanism is patented by Qugo. The two compact rear wheels are fitted on swing arms which are inter-connected by two rods to a frame-mounted pivoting balance wheel. The tilting mechanism is a “passive” system; this means that there is no electronic intervention to maintain balance.


The Qugo is designed by strategic partner Silvestris. Silvestris was founded in 2005 by Maarten de Bruijn (co-founder and designer of the Dutch super car company Spyker Cars), Jan Willem Schoenmakers and Leon Vergunst who have been working as a team since the resurrection of Spyker Cars in 2000. Nowadays, this young innovative Dutch company is specialised in the design and development of high-end concepts for the aqua-, aero- and automotive industry.


The design of the Qugo originated from the basic idea that it should not be today’s lay-out of combustion engine vehicles (e.g. scooters) to dictate the future of Personal Mobility Devices. Instead of replacing the combustion engine by an electric motor into an existing vehicle, the Qugo concept started from a blank sheet of paper. The use of electric motors give a “blue ocean” of new design possibilities.

Enjoy the Ride

Because of the stand up straight position, the rider has overview and control over dense traffic situations. And for those who want to make a touristic excursion on their Qugo, they will immediately recognize the advantage of the higher viewing position: there is simply a whole lot more to be seen compared to when you’re seated on a saddle!