Qugo Grasshopper


Qugo Grasshopper

A great innovation for everybody who likes to stay practicing golf longer and more intensively: The Qugo Grasshopper is a unique personal mobility vehicle which is designed especially for use on the golf course and which really provides a solution for the growing need for mobility on the vast golf terrains. Whether you like to play golf faster, longer or more often; with the Qugo Grasshopper you can enjoy this beautiful sport even more intensely. The Qugo is a not disturbing anyone on the golf course: the powerful electric hub motor is silent and emission-free and the extra-wide lawn tyres make sure no harm is done to the surface. By offering a fleet of Grasshoppers golf clubs can offer a unique service which will keep/attract many people playing golf on their fairways.

The Grasshopper is available for € 3750,-  incl. 21% VAT or in a full operational leasing contract (prices on request).

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The Grasshopper has an extra powerful hubmotor in the front wheel, which will take you swiftly and silently over the fairways. It has a newly designed, stable platform with two tubes on the front side which carry the golf bag. The Grasshopper has a reverse riding mode, which makes maneuvering in tight spaces very easy.

Performance (Grasshopper):

Maximum speed:                                                     12 km/hr

Range:                                                                        18 holes*

Charging time, full cycle:                                       2-3 hr

Maximum slope:                                                      15%**

Power:                                                                        1 kW (nominal)

Battery capacity:                                                      480 Wh

Dimensions and masses (Grasshopper):

Mass empty, riding condition:                              39 kg

Max. GVW:                                                                155 kg

Dimensions (l x w x h):                                           133 x 65 x 135/(78)*** cm

Wheelbase:                                                                85,5 cm

Tyre size Front:                                                         24 x 2.35

Tyre size Rear:                                                          11 x 400-5

* Based on 75 kg driver, ambient temperature 20°C, mild hilly golf course, modest riding style

** Based on 75 kg driver, ambient temperature 20°C, paved surface

*** handle bar folded



The Grasshopper is designed to offer comfort and speed and to enhance the pleasure of playing golf. The Grasshopper is equipped with a golf bag carrier in black powdercoated aluminium and a scoring card holder and cup holder on the handle bar. With a bicycle bell you can advise anyone in your direct vicinity about your presence.

Seat (optional)

You can ride the Grasshopper either standing up straight or sitting on a saddle. In standing position, the rider has maximum control over the vehicle, even in hilly conditions. For maximum comfort, the Grasshopper can be equipped with an optional saddle.

Toe-bar carrier (optional)

Developed especially for the Grasshopper: a toe bar bicycle carrier. It has a foldable ramp, on which the Grasshopper can be easily maneuvered on and off the carrier. A single strap tightens the Qugo firmly to the carrier. A handy support-wheel makes the mounting or dismounting operation of the carrier a very easy and light one, without the need for heavy lifting. Ready to go within 10 minutes!

Golf-umbrella (optional)

Sometimes it is too warm out in the sun or sometimes heavy rain catches you by surprise. In both cases a big golf umbrella is a great attribute for the golf player, specially when he/she does not have to carry it. The Grasshopper can be equipped with an optional umbrella holder which can be fitted on the handle bar. In this way, you and your belongings can hide from sun or rain.




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