Qugo Crossroad

Qugo Crossroad

The Qugo model “Crossroad” is derived from the Road version. With its on/off-road tyre patterns on the front and rear, increased ride height (+2 cm) and sturdy black design details it is the “SUV” version of the range. The Crossroad is developed to be used on large sites and terrains as a “softroader”, as long as the terrain conditions are not too demanding like mud or deep sand on the beach. The Crossroad can be used in any environment where a type approval or a license plate is not required.

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The front wheel traction of the Crossroad comes from the same proven hub motor as is used for the Qugo Road. The front wheel features a sturdy block-pattern on/off road tyre. The rear tyres have a block pattern as well, ideal for mild soft-road conditions. Both the front and rear fenders feature rubber extensions, designed to keep your feet and trousers free from water spray and sand. The rear subframes are equipped with rubber protection flaps which act as a barrier against dirt and water.

Performance (Qugo Crossroad):

Maximum speed:                                   25 km/h  /  16 mph

Range:                                                      25 km  /  16 miles

Battery charge, full cycle:                     2-3 hrs

Maximum Climbing capacity:             10-12% **

Power:                                                      0,6 kW (nominal)

Batterycapacity:                                     480 Wh

Dimensions and masses (Qugo Crossroad)

Weight, operational:                  34 kg  /  75 lbs

Max. load capacity:                    120 kg  /  265 lbs

Dimensions (lxwxh):       115 x 58 x 135/(78)* cm  /  45x23x53/(31*) inch

Wheelbase:                                   67,4 cm  /  26,5″

Tyre size front:                             24 x 2.35

Tyre size rear:                               3.00-4


* based on a 75 kg driver, 20°C ambient temperature, flat road, moderate driving style

** based on a 75 kg driver, 20°C ambient temperature, paved road, moderate driving style

*** handle bar folded


The Qugo Crossroad is equipped with a unique, patented rotation mechanism which makes the Qugo “lean” in a curve, comparable to riding on a bike. Riding a Qugo is like skiing on the road, which requires some initial practice. Once acquainted with the riding dynamics of the Qugo, one can start to enjoy the Crossroad making perfectly smooth curves or to simply enjoy the view that the stand-up-straight position gives to the driver. Anyone can learn to ride a Qugo, and the Qugo dares you to explore it to the max!

Lithium battery


The Qugo is equipped with a state of the art 48 Volt Lithium battery pack with a capacity of 480 Wh. It takes you 25 km riding its top speed of 25 km/h. Charging a Qugo can be done everywhere with the standard 230V charger.Within 2 to 3 hours the Qugo is fully charged again, ready to go back on the road. The battery has a cycle life of 2000 cycles.

Patented construction

The two compact rear wheels are attached to two subframes with footrests, which are connected to eachother by means of a rotational coupling device. It is a passive device: the rider takes care of the balance in a curve and controls the tilting angle. The system is not electronically actuated and is very robust and reliable. The rotational coupling device is a patented construction.