News & Events

  • Qugo flag and scenery foto's 01 Jan

    Qugo Experience

    This year we will organize the Qugo-Experience events again, starting in spring. During the event you can test-drive and experience the Qugo yourself. Keep track on the website for the exact date and location!  
  • Qugo event Spain 01 Jan

    Product presentation in Barcelona

    During the weekend of 22-23 november, Qugo was presented to the Spanish public during a productpresentation in the center of Barcelona,  together with the Dutch company Metazet (Virto)  
  • Qugo Police patroller 17 May

    Police officers patrol the streets...

    Great news from our distributor in Colombia, the first Qugo Police patroller roams the streets of Bogotá. The Qugo was a logical choice for the Bogotá police. Bogotá has one of the largest networks of bike paths in the world and plenty of squares and parks. On any given Sunday, almost 300 km of the city
  • German flag Qugo 04 May

    We welcome a new Qugo...

    We are proud to announce a new Qugo Dealer! Located in Korbah, Germany. We welcome Vitro Deutschland to our Qugo family! Do you want to become a dealer in your country? You’re in luck, we are currently looking for new dealers in all major European cities, as well as distributing partners in South America, Asia and Australia.  If you’re
  • Promotion vehicle qugo 28 Apr

    The Qugo a remarkably mobile...

    A remarkably mobile advertising vehicle. With the distinctive look of the Qugo you directly set yourself apart from your competition. You can spread your message in a very unique and striking way to your consumers and or potential relationships. In addition, by using the Qugo you can cover a range of 25 kilometers and as mobile advertisement
  • Orange Qugo Crossroad with bag and helmet 25 Apr

    NEW: The Qugo Crossroad

    The Qugo is also available in the tough off-road version called the Crossroad. The Crossroad is equipped with tires with extra coarse tread, so it has a lot of grip on unpaved surfaces. The ride height of the Qugo Crossroad is also increased by 2cm, making it easier to go over small obstacles. Rubber ‘mudguards’
  • Instore promotion Qugo dashboard 21 Jan

    Qugo’s on display at ‘Zuid-as’...

    Check-out the unique men’s concept store’The TailorMates’ right in the middle of the Business park ‘Zuidas’ in Amsterdam. You will notice the Qugo’s on display between the beautifull suits and shirts. Come and have a look at this nice combination of new products, adress George Gershwinplein 4, Amsterdam  
  • webshopjpg 21 Jan

    New: Qugo webshop!

    Ordering your own Qugo is very simple. Just go to the ‘Store’ section on this website and configure your own Qugo. Check-out the spareparts and options-sections as well!