The ideal companion on the golf course

A great innovation for everybody who likes to stay practicing golf longer and more intensively: The Qugo Grasshopper is the first personal mobility vehicle which is designed especially for use on the golf course and which really gives a solution for the growing need for mobility solutions on the vast golf terrains. Whether you would like to play golf faster, longer or more often; the Grasshopper improves your range and makes you enjoy this beautiful sport even more intensely. While riding the Qugo Grasshopper you can move along with your golf mates and keep communicating at normal height.


Golf club members stay active playing members for a longer period of time

Many golf clubs are experiencing a downwards trend in terms of the number of club members; though the number of people who play golf has increased over the past decade, the number of golf clubs has grown too and hence the average number of members per golf club has reduced. It has therefore become increasingly important for golf clubs to keep their members play golf for as long as they are physically able to. By offering a fleet of Grasshoppers to their members and green fee players, golf clubs can offer a unique service which will attract/keep golf enthusiasts on their courses. As an example, the “Sallandsche Golfclub de Hoek” was the first golf club in The Netherlands to embrace the unique advantages the Grasshopper and to admit it on their fairways.


More information about the Golf Qugo?

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