Delivery terms


Qugo Europe provides a two-year warranty on all products that are purchased directly from Qugo Europe or at an authozed Qugo dealership. Check the terms of the Limited warranty statement. Please contact us if there is a defect covered by the warranty terms. Any warranty service is carried out in our workshop based on ‘carry-in’. You will have to ship the Qugo yourself to our workshop in Hilversum or to a dealership nearest to you.


On the internet, you might be offered Qugo vehicles by individuals or companies. Please do not take any risk and buy your products from authorized Qugo dealers only. Look at the dealer locator on this website for an overview of authorized dealers. Companies not mentioned here are not official Qugo dealers and therefore we cannot guarantee the quality of the products and the service of the supplier (s).

Do you own a Qugo and you did not buy it directly from Qugo Europe BV? Then please contact us so we can check whether this vehicle has received all mandatory service updates. This is important f you intend to enjoy using your Qugo for a longer period of time. If you are in doubt whether all service updates have been performed correctly, then please send us an email with your Qugo’s VIN number. This 17-digit number is located on the sticker on the bottom right of the frame and hammered in the bottom of the battery compartment. The VIN starts with XL9…… Then we will confirm whether a service update is necessary!



More information about our delivery terms?

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