Rental & Tourism

  • Swift and safe across the most beautiful tourist attractions
  • Dynamic and fun to ride for young (16+) and old
  • For rent (individually or in  a group) as of fall 2017

Marketing & Promotion

  • Maximum visibility for any commercial campaign
  • Deployable everywhere, from mall to boulevard
  • Customize any advertising campaign as desired

Industry & Logistics

  • Increases effectiveness and efficiency of professionals
  • Makes large industrial sites easily accessible
  • Zero emission and zero noise, applicable indoors in hospitals and greenhouses

Surveillance & Security

  • Indoors and outdoors deployable on both public roads and on site
  • Quickly and quietly wherever intervention is required
  • It provides good overview and authority over crowds


  • It helps to keep your club members stay fit and active golf players
  • Increases rotation speed on the golf course
  • No nuisance to other players: emission-free, quiet and no damage to the lawn


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