The personal electric mobility of today.

The Qugo is the way to go for private and professional users who seek a fast and flexible Personal Transporter. With its eco-friendly electric hub motor, it is the personal electric mobility solution offering a smooth, sustainable and economic ride. Qugo can be used for fast and flexible daily commuting, time-saving professional transportation in dense city traffic, leisure riding in a park or for a fun ride on the boulevard.


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Lithium Battery Pack

A high-quality 48 Volt Lithium batterypack supplies all the energy for the in-wheel motor. With this batterypack, the Qugo has an actieradius of 25 km at a topspeed of 25km/h. Charging the batterypack is very easy with the separate charger (included). You can charge your Qugo in every place where a standard 110V or 230V wall socket is available.

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Patented construction

To create an exciting yet easy and comfortable drive, the Qugo is equipped with a patented tilting mechanism which allows the rider to lean inside corners (much like a bike rider does). Riding a Qugo is comparable to skiing on the road and it requires only a little bit of skill. From the careful to the brave, everybody can ride a Qugo in a stable and, if the rider wants, exciting way. It is the rider who is in charge, not the vehicle! The full frame of the Qugo is made out of high-grade aluminium to ensure a lightweight and durable construction.

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Frequently Asked Questions

On a single charge the Qugo can support up to 25 km of travel. Keep in mind that travel distances are dependent on payload, riding style, temperature and terrain. You'll be amazed at just how far the Qugo can take you.

A standard wall outlet charges a Qugo's batterie. To fully recharge the batteries from empty requires 2-3 hours, depending on the type of charger. However, your Qugo may be plugged in to top off its charge at any time.

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